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What's on: Sundays

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From October until Christmas, please join us on Sundays at YWBC  as we listen to the word of God and explore different aspects of worship including "Friends and Family" ,Baptisms, the Toy service and, of course "Carols by Candlelight"


Date Text Theme Note Leader Speaker
Oct 13   Open Doors service    Julia Andy
Oct 20    Friends and Family    Sue L and Sue B Sue L and Sue B
Oct 27  2 Cor 10: 1-11 / Luke 4 A gospel of liberation   Alan Alison Mackay
Nov 3   Mark 1: 1-11 A gospel of resiliance   Dave and Heather David Blower
Nov 10  Mark 6:30-34 A gospel of integrity   Sue L Phil Jackman
Nov 17  Luke 10: 1-9 A gospel of Peace   Sue B Tim Welch
Nov 24     Baptismal service Wilma Gwen Millns
Dec 1   Advent 1 Toy Service Richard  
Dec 8   Advent 2      
Dec 15   Friends and Family     Sue and Sue 
Dec 22   Carols by Candlelight      

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